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About Eddy Water Descalers

Our company was founded 14 years ago by two electronics engineers in 1999. They both lived in the London area and, like the rest of the London population, were troubled by hard, white limescale deposits in their homes.

In looking for a solution they discovered electronic descalers which they found to be effective but which they were sure could be produced at a more affordable price. However, going against the trend for manufacture in the Far East, they wanted their products to be built in the UK using British design, technology and manufacture.

Also, unlike other manufacturers who offered different units for different sized properties, they decided that they wanted to produce one unit powerful enough for use in all sizes of property, even small commercial operations such as restaurants, launderettes, hairdressers etc., hence the "Professional" designation.

After months of trials, our first unit was the Eddy ED1503P, launched in 1999. A three coil unit based on dual technology of two electrical antenna and one magnetic coil. In time, and listening to the feedback from our customers, we decided that three coils could be a little cumbersome to install, and we made an updated two coil unit, the ED5002P, first produced in 2003.

For stubborn applications in very hard water areas we offered to upgrade the unit to double power output on a bespoke basis, but eventually decided to offer the double power unit as standard, and introduced the updated Eddy ED6002P Professional in 2006. This is our current and highly acclaimed unit.

We pride ourselves in offering the very best customer service. Unlike some companies, where it seems impossible to contact anybody by telephone, we welcome your calls and enquiries by telephone or email. You are always assured of a prompt and courteous response. If our lines are busy please leave a message and we will return your call in a timely manner.

We aim to despatch for next-day delivery, and this is achieved in 99% of all cases within the UK if ordered before 12 Noon. We use Royal Mail Special Delivery to guarantee insured delivery before 1 PM the next day. For overseas orders we use Airsure delivery for a rapid and efficient service.

And of course, we offer our 12 month satisfaction-or-money-back guarantee. If you fit Eddy and are unhappy IN ANY WAY with the performance of your unit, we offer to refund your purchase cost with NO QUIBBLE. We also offer a LIFETIME warranty against technical breakdown of the unit within the lifetime of the original purchaser. Despite this unrivalled level of warranty, we receive less than 1% of units returned under either warranty. Reliability of our product is unsurpassed. Because we manufacture and assemble in the UK we can monitor product quality very closely to maintain our superb overall customer satisfaction rating.

All components that go into an Eddy are at least double rated, including the power supply. This provides an unparalleled level of reliability and will ensure many many years of trouble-free service from your Eddy descaler.

When you order an Eddy water descaler you can be assured of our complete desire to provide you with an excellent experience and, most of all, to rid you of your problem with limescale.

Fit an Eddy water descaler to combat the
nuisance of hard water and limescale in the home

Risk free. 12 month money-back guarantee.
Lifetime guarantee against unit failure !

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