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Best Water Softener

Before you purchase a water softener you want to know that you are getting the best product for your money. You do not want to just go out shopping for the first product you find on the shelves. Furthermore, you want to know whether you can install it on your own or if you will need a professional. To help you choose the best water softener you will want to read through a guide where the manufacturers, reputations, shapes, sizes, and other features are mentioned. Before you even begin your search you will want to understand what to expect from the water softeners.

There are basically three different types of water softeners on the market. You have the water softener with a time which undergoes regeneration based on time. Regeneration is when the water is mixed with a brine solution that will help remove the minerals found in hard water, like calcium. You might set up this water softener to work every seven days. Of course the amount of time that lapses between treatments will be determined by the amount of water you use and the reservoir you have for storing the clean water.

You also have meter regenerated models that allow you to keep track of the water you use in your home. These have a controller that tells you the grains per softener and water hardness, and it will take into account the number of people that live in the house. This type of model works based on how much water the system believes will be used.

The last type of model is a manual regeneration model. You will have to make it go through the water process. It will not have a timer or a meter. This type of water softener is actually hooked up to a garden hose for draining rather than putting it close to a household drain like the kitchen sink. It has a large capacity, but requires home owners to work it.
The manual regeneration model is expensive and the least productive for you. Under the three types of water softeners mentioned you have two ways that they will work. In one model you have the electronic water softener which uses electricity to attract the mineral particles found in the water. The second option is a magnetic field water softener that attracts the particles through magnetism. Both of these types of water softeners can be on the expensive side.

Purchasing the best water softener should not be about the expense. Instead it should be about getting the best model for your home. You will have to find the water softener that will fit with the existing system you have if your home is already built. If you are building a new home you have more options. By choosing the right water softener your clothing will not lose their colour, they will remain clean, and soap scum will disappear. In choosing the best water softener you also want to make sure it has a good warranty and easy installation.

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