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Magnetic Water Treatment

Magnetic water treatment is a different option that exists for reducing your hard water problem.  Water softening is the most popular method and quite effective, but it takes a lot of work to maintain the system and it is rather expensive.  As a result of these two things others have worked to find a cheaper method that can also be effective.  They came up with the magnetic water treatment.  This treatment uses magnets instead of a salt solution to stir up the mineral ions found in water. 
Before we explain further about how the magnetic water treatment works, we should explain a few things about water.  Water is not as “clean” as we would believe.  Water when it is first found can either be under the ground or in a river style system.  In either case water is rushing over rock, sand, and other silt.  Since sand can have a low density in which it can be carried by water, minerals wind up in the water.  These minerals then travel with the water collecting as the water moves.  Eventually there can be a lot of various minerals like calcium and magnesium.  When these minerals reach a certain point the water is considered hard. Water softening and magnetic water treatments are meant to reduce the effects of hard water that occur on the pipes. 
When the minerals are heated their properties change to something that will bind to pipes creating a solid called limescale.  This limescale will build over time on the inside of the pipes restricting the amount of water flow.  It is the limescale build up that requires something like magnetic water treatment or water softening. 
In magnetic water treatment the magnetic field will change the properties of the minerals in the water again.  You see as the water heats the properties change, so if this can be reversed or changed again it will help to keep the ions from adhering to the pipes.  Since all minerals have electrons it is easy to inhibit their binding properties.  The “scrambling” of these electrons by the magnetic field will only last for so long.  Eventually the ions will change back to their original state and can bind again, especially if the water is heated up again. 
There are those who believe that magnetic water treatment is a pseudoscientific answer to solving the hard water problem.  There are some studies done on magnetic water treatment that suggest it works, but may not be as effective as water softening.  There are also testimonials that support magnetic water treatments have been successful.  It is best to consider how the magnetic field works, and determine for yourself if it is something you wish to try.  Magnetic water treatment is less expensive and for water that is not extremely full of minerals it can be effective.  Magnetic water treatment has been around since the early 1930’s, so you can imagine that if it is still around something must work.  It also depends on the type of treatment you elect such as a water conditioner or descaler. The descaler seems to be more effective. 

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