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Domestic Water Softeners

Have you noticed that your clothing feels as though the soap hasn't been washed out? Perhaps the soap is not washing off your hands as easily or your drains are becoming plugged? There are a number of signs that you might have a condition known as hard water. Hard water is when minerals like calcium and magnesium begin to build up in the water causing problems. These minerals will affect the water's ability to clean. Soft water is preferable because it is going to have low concentrations of minerals as well as wash your items better. Soft water can return the softness to your clothing.

Understanding what soft and hard water is is important. It helps you learn why you might need a domestic water softener. A domestic water softener is for personal home use. You have business water softeners that are larger and more industrial, but for your home you do not need a system as expensive as the business water softeners.

A domestic water softener is going to remove the hard minerals from the water, making it soft again. The minerals are attracted either by a resin or magnetic field. The water is then cleaned during the regeneration process. In most water softeners a brine or salt is used to help reduce the amount of minerals in the water.

There are two ways you can install domestic water softeners. You can attach the product to your hot water heater. In this way all water coming into the house used for washing, baths, etc., will be cleansed before you use it. The other option is using a water softener on the kitchen sink. This will leave the water in your sink to be softened, but nowhere else. Your kitchen sink is better for use as a drain. Much of the water that comes in the house will drain through the same drain your kitchen sink uses. This allows any overflow to get out of the house.

Domestic water softeners can be electric. In this case you would have to use electricity to operate the system. There is a timer that controls when the water softener works. It will only regenerate when you use power. The magnetic method uses a magnetic field instead. They are still going to use electricity to power the magnetic field. Usually the water softeners that are non electronic will be partially electric, with a reset needed each eight hours for it to work.

Drinking soft water is not recommended, so you do want your drinking water to be separate from the domestic water softener. You will want to have a drinking water tap on your sink or fridge to avoid drinking the softened water. The chemical process it goes through makes it great for cleaning, but not too healthy for you to drink.

You do need to know that domestic water softeners can affect your water pressure. It will reduce your pressure by a small degree, so you may not even notice the change that occurs.

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