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If you live in the UK then you might be in the sixty percent of British homes that have hard water.  Hard water will deposit limescale within your water pipes, small kitchen appliances and your skin and hair.  If you have cleaned and cleaned but are still faced with marks on your bathroom fixtures you have a hard water problem.  The solution used to be a traditional water softener.  Today you have several more options to rid your homes of this unwelcome tenant. 
The typical water softener is the more expensive way to go and requires a professional installation.  They have to be plumbed into your main water supply pipes.  Then you will have to purchase salt in the form of blocks, bags or tablets to keep the unit working properly.  This is the only method that truly softens the water because it exchanges the magnesium and calcium ions for sodium ions.  Doing this makes the water better for many things; however, babies and some adults can’t drink it.  Therefore you will need to purchase a water cooler or bottled water. 
An electronic or magnetic water descaler is another option for you to consider.  The magnetic water descaler works when a magnet is placed around the incoming water pipe.  You don’t need to have it installed by a professional or use anything else to have it work. 
The electronic water descalers use coils of wire wrapped around the incoming main water pipe.  This allows a magnetic field to pass through the water.  Because of this the calcium and magnesium won’t cling to the sides of the pipes.  There are no chemicals or cleaners used in this device so the waste water won’t contain toxins.  This process allows everyone to drink the water so there is no added expense. 
Because there is no more build up of limescale in your water heater, dishwasher and washing machine you will see a longer life for these appliances.  They will also work with more efficiency saving you money when you use them.  Once you start replacing the hard water with the water descaler your pipes and appliances will also start to lose the limescale deposits that have built up.
The benefits of using water descalers are many, but the ease of installation and the price are two of the best.  Once you have found the incoming cold water main which is usually under the kitchen sink or under the stairs you can attach the coils of wire.  You will need to attach the main unit to the wall near a wall receptacle.  The main unit can be held to the wall by Velcro.  The wires will then be attached to the main system. Be sure you install the main power adapter away from damp.  After you have completed these easy steps you are ready to turn on the unit.  That’s all there is to it, and the cost of the device works out to be about 4p per week.  Don’t live with hard water anymore when a solution is so inexpensive. 

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