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The Eddy Electronic Descaler - Easy as 1,2,3
12 Month Money Back Guarantee
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Electronic Water Softener by Eddy

Everyone wants their appliances to work harder for them, and people in hard water areas can do this with ease with a simple electric water softener. Actually, these devices are not actually water softeners, but more correctly known as electronic descalers. As anyone who lives in a hard water area will tell you, their appliances suffer due to a limescale build up within them. One appliance in particular that will really show the signs of hard water is a washing machine.

Washing machines that are used in hard water areas tend to break down more frequently than those used in soft water areas. This is due to the fact that limescale will adhere to the element that heats the water in the washing machines. As more limescale builds up on it the element will not be able to heat the water as well, making it get hotter and hotter. When the element becomes too hot it will break and the washing machine will no longer be able to be used, unless an electric water softener is used in the property.

Shower heads are another area in the home that can be damaged by limescale. Over time as the hot water passes through the shower head limescale will start to collect in the holes. Soon these will be blocked with hard limescale which can be very trying to remove. Older people in particular find that they have a lot of problems with this and as a result many people will just replace the shower head, something which does not need to be done when an electric water softener is fitted.

Pipe work within a property can also show the effect of living in a hard water area. Experts believe that boilers can become blocked with limescale and this can lead to them under performing. Thermostats need to be turned up higher in order to combat the insulating effect of limescale on pipes. Over the course of a year this can actually increase energy heating bills by 20%-25%, which is a significant amount of money based on an average household energy consumption. Once again an electric water softener can inhibit the production of limescale and work to lower energy bills at the same time.

An electric water softener works by altering the charge of the mineral crystals within hard water. When this charge is altered the minerals are unable to form limescale and they are simply contained within the water and washed away. Fitting an electric water softener is very easy, and most people with a basic knowledge of DIY should be able to do this quickly and easily. Once in place the amount of limescale forming around taps and so on will decrease within a matter of days. Soon the difference in the water quality is quite clear to see and appliances within the home will benefit from this soft water.

So, if you are looking to increase the efficiency of the appliances in your house then think about using an electric water softener, or, more correctly, and electronic descaler

Eddy Electronic Descaler.
The Environmentally Friendly Alternative to a Water Softener


Risk free. 12 month money-back guarantee.
Lifetime guarantee against unit failure !


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